Friday, June 5, 2009

Today is about cataract eye surgery. Just a simple surgery, just scoop out the cataracts and slap in an implant lens, nothing to it. It is, and recovery 1 to 2 weeks, a piece of cake. Unless, you are like me! I am a worrier, if someone else acts concerned than I am. It all turns out okay though. Yesterday I was worried because of the weather event caused such a hard rain that when some ran in my eye, I worried about that. The opthomoligist says no worry, whew! I had to go in because I was getting flashes of light which could indicate a detatched retina, it wasn't, whew! There is some kind of sack behind the eye that drains and causes light flashes, it could just cause a floater in the long run, okay. Now my eyes are dialated and have been all day. I get the next eye done in 10 days and it will be great because than I will see good out of both eyes. Bye the way I have 20 - 20 vision in the eye that just had surgery. It is all worth it!

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